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Adult Acute Care Nursing Internships & Fellowshipe

Developed with a unit-based focus these internships offer specialization in Medical/Oncology, Rehabilitation, Surgical, Orthopedics, Neurology, and Float Pool.
The objective of the program is to introduce new graduate RNs to the specific care given by nurses in their particular units and interdisciplinary collaboration at Providence Alaska Medical Center.  Focus is to provide a nurturing environment that allows the new graduate to hone the organizational and technical skills that they need to feel competent and to establish mentoring relationships for continued growth.
In this 13-week program, the intern will spend the first week in orientation. The next 8 weeks will be spent on their units with an RN preceptor sharing a caseload.  During this time, classes, clinical practicums, and preceptorships on other units are scheduled.  In the final 4 weeks, the intern will progress to managing a patient assignment independently while still having their preceptor available as a resource.
This 12-week program prepares experienced RNs to practice in Adult Critical Care.
The didactic portion of the program is a Critical Care Course, based on the American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ Essentials of Critical Care Orientation Program. Other components of the program include clinical practicums, live courses, case studies, and skills labs.
For more information contact Rose Timmerman, Clinical Nurse Educator (907) 212-5673. 
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