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Fellowship opportunities in Extended Care

Providence Extended Care Center, a local leader in long-term and geriatric care is proud to offer new nurses an introduction to extended care.
Utilizing programs such as The Eden Alternative  we are now extending  innovative ideas to the area of nurse education.  The primary focus is to provide a nurturing environment that allows the new graduate to hone the organizational and technical skills that they need to feel competent and to establish mentoring relationships for continued growth.
During this 12-week program, the intern will spend the first week in orientation. The balance of their time will be spent on the units with an RN preceptor sharing a caseload.  During this time, classes, clinical practicums, and preceptorships on other units are scheduled.  By completion of the program, the intern will progress to managing a patient assignment independently while still having their preceptor available as a resource.
For more information
Please contact Providence Human Resources at (907) 212-6400 with any questions you may have about internship and fellowship opportunities at Providence.