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Children's Hospital Nursing Internships

Nursing Internship programs at The Children's Hospital at Providence provide an opportunity for enthusiastic, new graduate nurses who are ready to take on the many challenges nursing that an acute care setting offers.  We strive to provide an optimal transition from nursing student to confident and competent RN.
Pediatric Track
The Pediatric Internship prepares new RNs to practice in the area of pediatric nursing. The program is customized and lasts approximately 4 months. Training includes an introduction to ancillary staff and services, 1:1 time with a preceptor, as well as classroom didactics in an interactive setting. All New Graduates will also receive additional training specific to Pediatric Oncology.
Orientation to the Pediatric Intensive Care unit will be considered on an individual basis. After training is completed, there is a two year commitment expected to Pediatrics at PAMC. This program is traditionally scheduled annually to begin mid-to-late August. BSN candidates preferred. All positions for the 2012 cohort have already been filled.
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Leslie Bagley, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, CPN (907) 212-5800 ext. 44792
Neonatal Intensive Care Track
Prepares new RNs to practice across the continuum of intensive neonatal nursing. Training is individualized for each participant. This track includes Neonatal ICU Levels 2 and 3 with training lasting approximately a year. After training is completed there is a 2 year obligation expected to the NICU at Providence. 
Orientation Coordinator
Keri Silvey, Clinical Nurse Educator (907) 212-5008
Perinatal Track
Prepares new RNs to practice across the continuum of perinatal nursing. Approximately 12 months of training are divided between Labor and Delivery, Perinatal Unit, OB Triage/Perinatal Testing Center, and the Mother Baby Unit.
Maternity Center Education Coordinators
Naomi Zurba, RN (907) 212-4951.
Danette Schloeder PMC-CS, RNC-OB, C-EFM (907) 212-2513