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Paige Galloway


When Paige was admitted to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy in 2010, it wasn’t her first hospital stay—she had spent weeks in neonatal intensive care when she was born—but it was the hardest. 

Paige, then 9, had a ruptured and severely abscessed appendix that required emergency surgery. During her recovery she faced one setback after another. A second abscess developed in her abdomen, requiring another surgery to remove it. She had swelling in her intestines that prevented her from digesting food or water, so she couldn’t eat or drink for nearly three weeks. She struggled with a stomach tube and vomiting. And, to make matters worse, Paige’s surgical incision did not heal properly and had to be reopened and treated for a week before it was closed again. She spent more than three weeks at the hospital, but Paige never complained once.
Now fully recovered, Paige is a sweet, sensitive, straight-A student. She loves to dance jazz and ballet, sing in her school choir and write short stories.
She will serve as Alaska’s ambassador, sharing the importance of children’s hospitals by attending local awareness and fundraising events and by traveling to Washington D.C. and Orlando with Champions from around the country.
The Children’s Miracle Network Champions program honors remarkable children from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland who have triumphed despite severe medical challenges.  For their courage and perseverance, the Champions have been selected as international ambassadors for the 17 million kids treated each year at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.
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