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2012 Carol Treadwell Visiting Fellow Lectureship, Lance Armstrong and Tour de' Cancer, Aug. 1

In 1997, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer which had spread to his retroperitoneal lymph nodes, right and left lung, and right and left side of his brain. His presenting symptoms included headaches and coughing up blood. He was treated with “personalized medicine”, not on a molecular basis as is done today in diseases such as breast cancer and lung cancer, but on a truly personal basis.


When: 2 – 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2012
Where: Providence Cancer Center, Room 2281 (Located on the second floor) 
            3851 Piper St., Anchorage

Contact: For more information, call 907-212-4821


This lecture will go over the past, present, and future history of cancer treatment, using Dr. Einhorn’s work with Lance Armstrong as an example of progress that can be made and has been made. It will end with a look into the future of molecular targeted agents, rather than chemotherapy, that are changing the landscape of how we diagnose and treat cancer.



Lawrence Einhorn, MD, is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine, with the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Distinguished Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, at Indiana University, Indianapolis.
Dr. Einhorn pioneered the development of the life-saving medical treatment in 1974 for testicular cancer, increasing the survival rate from 10 percent to 95 percent and led the medical team that treated and saved Lance Armstrong's life. He became the first Lance Armstrong Foundation Professor of Oncology in 2006.
About the Carol Treadwell Endowment and Lectureship
Awarded on an annual basis, and in conjunction with the Providence Alaska Foundation, the Carol Treadwell visiting fellow brings cutting-edge cancer information, including diagnostics, treatment protocols and technological advancements to medical staff and the community.
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