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Life Planning Seminar, Mar. 31: What’s Next? An Introduction to Life between 50 and 75

Presented by: Gwen Kennedy, PhD and Deeta Lonergan, MEd

 Tuesday, March 31
Where: Providence Alaska Medical Center, East Auditorium (basement level, near the cafeteria) 
Time: 6-7:30 p.m. - light refreshments will be served
The presentation: 
Are you ready for something new – a new experience, a new adventure?
Feeling like a new chapter is opening for you but not quite sure what it will be?
Not content, or affluent enough, to spend their next thirty years on a golf course?
Want to be a pioneer in the biggest transformation of the American workforce since the women's movement?
Explore what is happening within our society and economy for women and men ranging in age from 50 to 75 years old.
We'll examine data on the changing demographics and workforce trends in the US and Alaska for those ages 64 to 75, review recent longevity studies, share resources, stories and models for exploring what's next.
Gwen Kennedy: Kennedy & Associates is an independent, organization development consulting practice based in Anchorage, Alaska and serving organizations throughout Alaska, the US and parts international. J. Gwen Kennedy, Ph.D. has been a consultant in human and organizational systems since 1986. She is experienced in supporting organizations during times of change, facilitating multi-organization collaborations, designing and facilitating group processes, coaching executives, and developing staff. As a scholarly practitioner, she is passionate about translating complex, theoretical concepts into everyday use and seeking simple interventions for complex situations. Her consulting style is collaborative and empowering.
She has consulted to a full-spectrum of organizations ranging from village to global corporations and government, family owned businesses, and non-profit organizations. She has worked with all levels of the organization and in a variety of professional fields including engineering, information technologies, social services, and healthcare.
She holds a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Systems with a Masters in Human Development. Her post-doctoral work in applications of Chaos Theory and complexity science to human systems.   
Deeta Lonergan: Deeta Lonergan, M.Ed., NCC, CDFI, CSC, MBTI certified is a strategic coach, career counselor, corporate trainer and management consultant, focusing on empowering individuals and organizations to thrive during transitions. Coaching, collaboration, teaming, leadership and management development, creativity and strategic partnerships are focal points of her work. 
Deeta founded Career Transitions in 1989 to promote and expand career development for individuals and organizations in Alaska and the western U.S. She provides coaching and career counseling to individuals and groups. She offers classes in Reinventing Your Career and Refocusing: Mastering the Art of Self-Renewal that are open to the public.  She is a consultant and trainer to businesses and organizations. She coaches senior executives and their management teams. 
Prior to becoming a consultant, she spent twenty-four years in higher education as a counselor, professor and academic dean at the community college and university level.