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Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is a special group of individuals making a lasting commitment to health care in Alaska through a planned gift. If you have any questions about opportunities for planned giving to Providence or the benefits you can receive for doing so, simply contact us.
David G. Alexander, M.D.
Lydia Eastburn, M.D.Charles Mellin*
Albert and Sarah AlvarezDenise O. Farleigh, M.D., and Randy FarleighStephanie and Kevin Monahan
Alice Arwezon*Robert S. FinneganLisa Nash
Michael BauerWinthrop Fish, M.D., and Sheila Fish*Rebecca Parker
Charlotte BellLeonard and Kit GuruleAl and Ann Parrish
Barbara and Robert HalcroRichard and Isabella Pfeifer*
Claude M. and Frances A. Bentz*John E. Hall, M.D., and Jane HallAnthony and Ruth Pfister
Cheryl BowersJohn R. Hanley, M.D., and Gwen HanleyBarbara and William Pittman
Carl and Pamela BradyRuth HartMarie Presnall
Kelly and John BrewerJoseph and Marlys HeintzIrene Price
Colleen Bridge and Michael MoegleinWalter J. Hickel, Sr.*, and Ermalee HickelCathy and Edward Rasmuson
Charles A. Broker and Leoma Broker*Walter J. Hickel, Jr., and Lynn HickelSusan Ruddy
Charles and Elizabeth BrooksMax and Joanne HodelJohn Schmidel
John BunnellFather Peter Houck*Robert and Patricia Shake
Marite M. ButnersJim and Annie Laurie Howard*Governor Bill Sheffield
Al M. CamossoWilson and Nancy HughesViolet Shimek
George M. CarlDavid Ingraham, M.D., and Mary E. IngrahamKenneth and Catherine Skinner*
Helen and Erma Carlquist*Joseph JuckelRichard and Mary Smith*
Ray and Marlene CarlsonJames F. Lanier, M.D., and Anne LanierDavid W. Sonneborn, M.D., and Alexandra Sonneborn
Harold CaseyKathy Loera*Werner and Margaret Stutzer
Mary CaterinichioLoren and Susan LounsburyPaul A. Sutherland*
John M. Conway*James and Maria MaloneJohn C. Tower, M.D.*
John Czech*Daniel MartinEdward M. Voke, M.D., and Susan Voke
Richard DanaJohn and Margaret McCoolMaria J. Wallington, M.D.
Robert and Jane DicksonJoan S. McKinnon*Estate of Clarence G. Weber*
Neva Eagan*Edmund J. McMahon*Charles Weller*
Donald and Semantha DeLay Wilson
*denotes deceased
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