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Alaska CARES Resources

What should I do if a child needs help?
Sometimes people have worries, a concern or even "a funny feeling" that a child is being harmed.  Here are some things you can do if you have a concern for the safety of a child.
What do I do during an investigation?
It can be confusing during an investigation. What happens during an investigation? What can you do and say? What is your part? What might get in the way of a thorough investigation?
Signs & Symptoms
The first step in helping abused or neglected children is learning to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect. Remember that these can be signs of other things and must be explored. Talk with your health care provider, Community Health Aide or Behavioral Health Aide for more assistance.
If you do suspect a child is being harmed, reporting your suspicions may protect the child and get help for the family. Contact your local child protective services agency or police department.
How to talk to children
Sometimes parents wonder how to bring up personal safety with their child. The following tips offer a way to introduce safety with your child. This can be used in everyday situations such as after dinner, sitting together, etc.
Alaska State law requires that certain groups of professionals and other individuals with certain roles must formally report confirmed and suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. These individuals are called "mandatory reporters."  Learn more with an interactive presentation.
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