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Resident Testimonials


"Welcome to my apartment.  My name is Shirley and I have lived at Horizon House for eight years.  I decided to move to Horizon House to get that "little" extra help that I needed and a sense of security.  They help me with my medications everyday so I don't have to worry.


The staff and other residents at Horizon House have become my family.  The friendships that I have established here are very important to me.  We enjoy daily events together, celebrating monthly birthdays and Holidays.  I call Bingo on Saturdays with another resident.  I enjoyed quilting in the past and here at Horizon House I get to showcase my talent and continue to work on crafts that I enjoy.  I went to the fair this year with several other residents, exercise twice a week in our group, go on shopping outings and participate everyday in activities."



HHresidentbed.jpg"When I came to Horizon House I brought my own furniture with me.  This is my bed, hutch and book shelf.  My apartment is furnished with my belongings and everything I need to make it my home.  I have a large collection of bears and many quilts that I made displayed in my apartment.


Moving to Horizon House was the right choice for me and I love it here!"

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