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Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer program at Providence Horizon House offers a wide range of opportunities to interested volunteers.  Our volunteers are both men and women and range in age from teenagers to retired people.
We would love it if you volunteered and...
  • Shared your "special talent" with residents
  • Assisted staff during a resident outing
  • Played board games with a resident
  • "Adopted" a Resident
  • Sewed and mended for our residents
  • Took a resident for a walk
  • Went shopping with a resident
  • Assisted in activities
  • Ran your own activity
  • Read to a resident or a group of residents
  • Conducted a Bingo game
  • Lead an exercise group
  • Helped a resident write a letter
  • Adopt a "Grandparent"
This is just a small sample of the volunteer opportunities that are available at Horizon House.  If you would like to offer a service that is not on this list or would like to get more specifics on how to become a volunteer, please contact our Apartment Activity and Volunteer Coordinator at 212-5351.
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