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Physician Leadership

2013 Medical Staff Leadership
President/Chief of StaffBob Pease, MD
President-Elect Stan Watkins, MD
Past PresidentJeremy Gitomer, MD
TreasurerLisbeth Gallagher, MD
Member at LargeMary Lanza, MD
Member at LargeElizabeth Galloway, MD
Member at LargeShari Morgan, MD
Department Chairpersons
AnesthesiaBrian Chen, MD
Emergency MedicineMichele McCall, MD
Family MedicineMatthew Kam-Magruder, MD
MedicineAndrzej Maciejewski, MD
OB/GYNMatthew Lindemann, MD
OrthopedicsEli Powell, MD
PathologyTom Mego, MD
PediatricsJody Butto, MD
PsychiatryDeanna Johnson, MD
RadiologyErik Maurer, MD
SurgeryJune George, MD
Committee Chairpersons
Anesthesia QIBrian Chen, MD
Blood Utilization ReviewGenevieve Nolan, MD
BylawsMary Lanza, MD
CancerTom Mego, MD
CredentialsSteven Floerchinger, MD
EndoscopyDouglas Haghighi, MD
Graduate Medical EducationHarold Johnston, MD
Infection ControlMegan Clancy, MD
Medical ExecutiveBob Pease, MD
Medical RecordsRichard Navitsky, MD
Medical Staff EducationMark Agnew, MD
OB/GYN RiskGeorge Stransky, MD
PerinatalOwen Bell, MD
Pharmacy and TherapeuticsJeffrey Demain, MD
PACER - EpicLatha Subramanian, MD
Physician QualityVacant
TraumaCarolyn C. Majors, MD
Utilization Review & Case ManagementRobert Church, MD

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