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Susan Butcher Family Center - Providence Cancer Center

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Financial Counseling and Assistance/locations/pamc/services/cancer/PublishingImages/featured-video_Feb16.jpg
At Providence, we believe everyone should have access to quality health care. If the financial side of cancer treatment is a worry for you, we encourage you to talk with our financial counselors. Financial counselors verify benefits, help develop a payment plan for treatment and obtain outside assistance if necessary.
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Oncology Rehabilitation can improve energy and outcomes
Our comprehensive program combines aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening, relaxation techniques and range-of-motion exercises while incorporating mind and body healing. Enhance the quality of your life through this unique program. page navigation
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Drug Cost Recovery relieves financial burden
Providence is the only medical center in Anchorage that offers drug cost recovery services. Patients receiving treatment at the Lee Sheffield Infusion Center are eligible and our caregiver is here to help you with this service. page navigation
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Women’s Boutique fits individual styles's%20Botique.JPG
A joint effort between the American Cancer Society and the Providence Cancer Center is here to help you with appearance-related side effects from cancer treatment. Discover what’s possible at the Women’s Boutique. page navigation
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A healing place for kids
The Susan Butcher Family Center offers support, mentoring and education for family members impacted by an adult’s cancer diagnosis. Let our team join with you in caring for your kids during your cancer journey. page navigation
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Nutrition and Cancer
Nutrition plays a key role in achieving cancer treatment goals. Our oncology dietitian helps patients with nutrition and dietary concerns during and after cancer therapy. page navigation
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