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Cancer Registry

The cancer registry is an information system designed for the collection, management, and analysis of data of persons with the diagnosis of a malignant or neoplastic disease.  As a part of Providence Alaska Medical Center’s cancer program, the cancer registry maintains data on all patients diagnosed and/or initially treated for cancer at PAMC.  The PAMC cancer registry reports all cancer cases to the state of Alaska as required by law. 
A cancer registrar is a data management expert who reports cancer statistics for various healthcare agencies.  Providence Alaska Medical Center currently employs two full time Certified Tumor Registrars who work to ensure that timely, accurate, and complete data is incorporated and maintained on all types of cancer diagnosed and/or treated at PAMC.  A complete summary, or abstract, of the patient’s disease from diagnosis through their lifetime is entered manually into the PAMC cancer registry’s database, Metriq.  This abstract is an ongoing account of the cancer patient’s history, diagnosis, treatment, and current status.
The Providence Alaska Medical Center cancer registry data is utilized by physicians, administrators, researchers and health care planners to provide support for the PAMC cancer program development with the ultimate goal of preventing and controlling cancer. The cancer registry data is also utilized in managing and analyzing clinical cancer information for the purpose of education, research, and outcome measurement.
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For more information regarding the Providence cancer registry, please call (907) 212-2868. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library
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