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Support services

Services to help your body, mind and spirit

At the Providence Cancer Center our team approach brings you and your loved ones the benefits of our support services. They add an extra dimension of care to fight your cancer and promote your health on every level—body, mind and spirit. From oncology rehabilitation to nutrition classes and support groups, you can count on the attention and knowledge of leading practitioners in their fields who are devoted to helping you feel better and get better. Your care team may recommend some of these resources, and they are always available to you, your family and your caregivers. And, as Alaska’s only comprehensive cancer center, most of these amenities are located in-house so there is no need for you to get referrals or run around to other locations.

For more information on these services, ask your care team, Patient Navigator or click on one of the links below.
BP Cancer Resource Center 
The BP Cancer Resource Center is a quiet, comfortable place for patients, families and caregivers to find information on cancer, log on to the Internet, or talk with a Patient Navigator or volunteer. It’s also a convenient source for the latest information on cancer tests, treatments, clinical trials and local resources for support groups and transportation services. Additionally, a wide variety of literature on cancer and treatment is here for you, free of charge.
The resource center was developed through a generous donation of BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. to offer the community and state free cancer education.
Cancer Registry 
Our cancer registry program has a dedicated team that strives for quality data. The collected data helps identify which cancer treatments are the most successful, as well as the life expectancy for the diagnosis of any given cancer at its various stages. For more information click here.
Clinical Research 
The Providence Cancer Research Department’s goal is to make clinical trials available to all cancer patients in Alaska. Trials look at ways of enhancing quality of life and improving survival by finding better treatments and/or ways of preventing cancer. For more information click here.
Counseling Services 
When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. You may also need some extra support for yourself and your loved ones. A member of our Patient Navigation team is available by appointment to provide one-to-one counseling and help you address any concerns. Call 907-212-6870 to make an appointment.
Financial Counseling 
We believe everyone should have access to quality health care. If the financial side of cancer treatment is a worry for you, we encourage you to talk with our financial counselors. Financial counselors verify benefits, help develop a payment plan for treatment and obtain outside assistance if necessary. For more information or to set up an appointment, please call (907) 212-6870.
Genetic Counseling 
Often people are concerned that a diagnosis of cancer in one or more close relatives means that they are at an increased risk for developing cancer themselves. For most people, a relative’s diagnosis of cancer does not greatly increase their own personal risk. Cancer genetic counseling can help determine whether you may have inherited an increased risk for cancer. For more information click here.
Lee Sheffield Infusion Center 
The Lee Sheffield Infusion Center staff is committed to providing patients with the highest level of care by using nationally recognized best-practice standards in the service they provide to each patient. For more information click here.
Our clinical dietitian is trained in oncology nutrition to help patients with nutrition and dietary concerns during and after cancer therapy. Learn about the foods that can strengthen your immune system, improve your energy and maintain a healthy weight. For information call 907-212-6870.​
Oncology Rehabilitation Program 
Improve and enhance your quality of life during cancer treatment and recovery through a prescriptive exercise rehabilitation program. We incorporate mind and body healing through guided imagery, meditation and use of affirmations. For more information click here.
Palliative Care 
Palliative care is a medical specialty that helps patients and their families live as fully as possible when faced with a serious illness. These services are provided during any phase of an illness, including active treatments such as chemotherapy. It addresses physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs and facilitates patient autonomy, access to information and choice. For information call 907-212-7890 or click here.
Spiritual Care 
Spirituality means different things to each of us but for many people it’s an essential part of getting through a difficult time in life.

The chaplain at the Providence Cancer Center is here to help you through any emotional or spiritual aspects of your treatment. Professionally trained and board-certified, our chaplain is a great listener who will do everything possible to support you and your family regardless of your religious beliefs. We strongly believe in respecting the cultural and spiritual diversity of those we serve.
To request the chaplain call 907-212-6870.

Susan Butcher Family Center
Cancer doesn’t just affect an individual — those closest to a patient also face a new world of uncertainty. The Susan Butcher Family Center offers support, mentoring and education to patients and family members throughout the cancer continuum -diagnosis, treatment, remission, survivorship, recurrence, end of life and bereavement. For more information click here.
Women's Boutique 
The Women’s Boutique is a special place in the hearts of many cancer patients. It is here to provide free hats, wigs and understanding to patients experiencing appearance-related changes during cancer treatment. The Boutique is staffed by volunteers who are experienced at finding and fitting the right style and hair color of wig, along with prosthetics. Please call 907-212-6870 to make an appointment.
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