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Our integrated team provides the best care before, during and after treatment
Finding a doctor who you can connect with and who understands your individual needs is important. That’s why our doctors go above and beyond in getting to know their patients—because the best care comes from this extra knowledge.
At the Providence Cancer Center, our integrated team approach ensures that you get access to the combined skills and experience of numerous health care professionals focused on one thing: your treatment. Our teams meet regularly at what we call cancer conferences, where cases are reviewed and discussed. This forum allows for a wide range of experts to be involved in our patients’ treatment process. Which means that you will receive the best possible treatment for your specific needs. By joining forces on your behalf, our team provides a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that’s right just for you. 

How to make an appointment
Most patients are referred to the Providence Cancer Center through their physician. If you would like information on setting up an appointment, please call 907-212-6870. Once your appointment is scheduled, we’ll take care of getting the medical records we may need. We’ll also make sure your physicians are informed throughout your care.
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