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Providence Autism Diagnostic Network

The Providence Autism Diagnostic Network is a collaborative effort that integrates the work of psychiatry, psychology, neurology, physical, speech and occupational therapy, and navigation services specializing in diagnosing autism and related disorders.
The Providence Autism Diagnostic Network is comprised of:
  • The Pediatric Neurodevelopment Clinic
  • Providence Center for Neuropsych Services (PCNS)
  • The Providence Pediatric Therapies Department
  • Nurse Practitioner Services
  • Stone Soup Group Parent Navigators
The prevalence of autism spectrum disorders has increased dramatically in recent years nationally and in Alaska.  The State of Alaska recognizes the increased incidence and the significant impact that early evaluation and diagnosis can have on children with such disorders. Children receiving early diagnoses and interventions have significantly improved outcomes over the course of their lives. The State of Alaska and the Alaska Mental Health Trust have partnered to fund the Providence Autism Diagnostic Network to expand diagnostic capacity using the medical model.
We are committed to the early identification of children and families who experience autism and related disorders through multidisciplinary assessment leading to accurate diagnosis and linkage to community supports and services.
For more information on the Providence Autism Diagnostic Network, call 562-9212.

The Pediatric Neurodevelopment Clinic 
  • A developmental pediatrician with special training in diagnosing children with different developmental patterns provides a neurodevelopmental assessment.
  • Extensive review of the child's medical and developmental history, and a physical exam occur during the first appointment.
  • Subsequently, parents meet with the neurodevelopmental pediatrician and the Stone Soup Group Parent Navigator. The physician's impressions / diagnoses are discussed and recommendations are offered.
  • Linkage to extensive information and to essential community supports, resources and providers is then provided. 

Providence Center for Neuropsych Services (PCNS)
  • A licensed psychologist provides neurodevelopmental assessments and consultations using standardized tests.
  • This multimodal approach allows for greater accuracy in the diagnostic process.
  • The neurodevelopmental assessment can help determine the ways in which deficits hinder school performance, relationships, and behavioral control across different settings.
  • These results can also be used to develop tailored treatment programs as necessary.

The Providence Pediatric Therapies Department 

  • Speech-language, occupational, and physical therapy evaluations for children provided by a licensed and/or certified therapist specializing in pediatrics and including a combination of standardized testing, clinical observations, and parent/child interviews.
  • Some children will need just one evaluation, while others may benefit from evaluation in all three areas.
 • Expressive language
 • Receptive language
 • Social skills
 • Reasoning and judgment skills
 • Auditory processing
 • Listening skills and attention 
 • Fine motor skills
 • Visual skills including ocular motor skills, visual motor skills, and visual perceptual skills
 • Handwriting and pre-academic skills
 • Self help skills
 • Motor planning and body awareness
 • Sensory processing 
 • Gross motor skills
 • Strength
 • Range of motion
 • Endurance
 • Balance and coordination
 • Gait  

Nurse Practitioner Services
  • An Advanced Nurse Practitioner with specialized training in neurodevelopmental and behavioral medicine compliments the interdisciplinary team by increasing the capacity for diagnostic services using the medical model.
  • Services will be available to assist in management after diagnosis. 

  • Stone Soup Group Parent Navigators
  • Helping families "navigate" services and with resources
  • Parent Navigators are individuals who have personal experience in accessing services and advocating for their own children's needs
  • During the family conference the Parent Navigator will provide referrals for financial assistance such as housing, utilities, and child care and to community and private providers for autism information, services, and support.
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