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NICU Resources

For Parents of Preemies
University of Wisconsin and The Center For Perinatal Care at Meriter Hospital Madison, Wisconsin provides a Comprehensive Table of Contents offering general information and support.
Gaining and Growing
This site is designed to provide information to community health professionals who work with premature infants, especially those with very low birthweight (<1500 g) in hopes of assuring that adequate nutritional status will improve outcomes and family life for these children.
Neonatology on the Web - Resources of Interest to Parents
Over 70 Neonatology on the Web links to other internet resources of specific interest to parents.
Kids Health's A Primer on Preemies
Information on some of the most up-to-the-minute information on preeemies and preemie care. Articles are also available in Spanish. Also links to information on infections, emotions, and behavior, growth and development and nutrition and fitness.
American Association for Premature Infants
The American Association for Premature Infants (A.A.P.I.) is a national non-profit organization open to anyone or any group interested in optimizing the healthcare, educational and developmental services for premature infants, children and their families.
PreemieCare is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of infants born preterm through education, support, and resources.PreemieCare also acts as a mentoring and networking organization for hospitals and community-based parent-of-preemie support groups.
Preemie-L Resource Websites
Comprehensive site on premature baby resource websites.
Preemie Mom's Page
The personal web page of a mom with two preemies, one with cerebral palsy and their experiences.
Preemie Parent Connection
Preemie Parent Connection is a newsletter for families raising prematurely born children. The purpose of the site, and the newsletter, is to provide support and information to all those whose lives have been touched by a premature birth.
Premature Infant
This site, run by a mother of a preemie who has also authored a book on parenting a premature baby, has a wide variety of articles and advice on the subject.

The information furnished by the Childrens Virtual Hospital at Providence is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. As each situation is unique, do not rely on this information for diagnosis and treatment. The Childrens Hospital at Providence recommends that you visit a qualified Health Care Professional for individual and personal attention.