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Safety/Injury & Infecation Control Resources

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
The nation's prevention center that promotes health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease and injury.
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases - Factsheets
NFID supports basic and clinical research to unravel the mechanisms of diseases, to identify their cures and treatments, and to improve diagnosis and patient care. Has comprehensive fact sheets on various viruses and immunizations for adults and adolescents.
Vast source of information for parents on safety at home, safety outside the home, health, traveling, and product recalls.
Injury Specific Resources
Information on fire safety & burns, transportation, poisoning, drowning, violence, firearms, product safety, suicide, and alcohol, plus links to other resources.
Stay Alert, Stay Safe
Has sections for both parents and kids to educate about safety.

The information furnished by the Children's Virtual Hospital at Providence is of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. As each situation is unique, do not rely on this information for diagnosis and treatment. The Children's Hospital at Providence recommends that you visit a qualified Health Care Professional for individual and personal attention.