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Family Action Council

The Family Action Council (FAC) is a committed group of parent volunteers and health care professionals who work together to set program goals, create programs, and provide expert testimony on the impact of a hospitalization or the responsibility of a medically fragile child.  Similar to a Board of Directors,
  • families meet to discuss program development that promotes family-centered care
  • advise in and out-patient staff on areas of improvement for the daily delivery of care, and
  • advise on policy decisions.
We maintain a respected position in the vision of the hospital with a daily presence in all units.  FAC members volunteer to work on special programs and projects, and serve on the advisory board.
Like a board of directors, we hold monthly meetings, elect officers, and recruit new members.  We are responsible for special program events:  summer picnic, childhood cancer awareness month, Holiday Party, Santa in the NICU, and appreciation week for staff and physicians.
To apply to become a member of the council, please complete an application and volunteer form and return it to the parent coordinator, or call 261-5895 for more information.