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Family Resource Library

The Family Resource Library was created by the Family Action Council in response to the need to have access to sound medical information regarding childhood illnesses and conditions.
Topics of interest include cardiac, respiratory, orthopedics, well-child, neurological, pain management, nutrition, and more. Families, as a full partner in care, are encouraged to learn about the illness or condition affecting their child.
Understanding the diverse learning styles of families and patients, the library was setup as a drop-in facility with a variety of ways to research topics. In addition, the library offers material in a variety of languages, as well as tools for the visually impaired.
A resource center for parents, the library also offers many tools for coping with the hospital stay. For example, The Children's Virtual Hospital offers more than 200 preset Web links with point-and-click access.
The library offers:
  • Books and videos (available for check-out)
  • Fact sheets, brochures, and handouts (on select topics)
  • Select Internet Access (200 physician approved preset links)
  • Reference Materials (medical dictionaries and pharmacy books)
Where is it and when can I use it?
The Family Resource library is located on the 3rd floor at Providence Alaska Medical Center. Take elevator "D" to the 3rd floor.
For after hours access, please contact the charge nurse for assistance.
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