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An Interdisciplinary Team

Registered Nurses (RNs)
The bedside nurse will care for your baby 24-hrs/day. They have special training to care for the premature infant or full-term baby with special needs. Your bedside nurse is typically your first point of contact regarding the care you baby is receiving.
Physicians (Neonatologist)
Neonatologists are board certified pediatricians that have spent an additional 3 years of training specializing in the care of sick and well newborn babies. Each neonatologist is board certified in pediatrics and neonatal medicine. Alaska Neonatology has provided Newborn ICU care at Childrens Hospital at Providence since 1980. The neonatologists are members of Alaska Neonatology Associates, an affiliate of Pediatrix Medical Group.
Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNP)
The Nurse Practitioners are neonatal nurses with advanced training. They are responsible for transport of babies, planning, and directing the care of your baby in association with the Neonatologists.
Respiratory Therapy (RT)
A respiratory therapist (RT) helps with your baby's breathing, oxygen needs, and equipment to help your baby. RTs are in the unit 24-hrs/day.
Supervisors/Charge Nurse
A Charge Nurse or clinical resource supervisor are always available. The charge nurse is responsible for the overall operation of the Newborn ICU on a daily basis, including assignments for nurses. If you have questions or concerns about the care your baby is receiving, the charge nurse is a helpful resource.
Clinical Manager
As the nurse manager, she is responsible for the 24-hour / 7-day week delivery of patient care and operations of the unit. If you have not found resolution regarding your concerns, the manager maintains an open door policy regarding any concerns the family may have.
Developmental Therapists
The Physical and Occupational Therapy (PT and OT) staff role in the Newborn ICU is helping both staff and parents learn how to respond to cues your baby gives that they are ready for feeds, change in position, etc. They make recommendations to the staff on your baby's developmental needs.
Certified Lactation Consultants
Certified lactation consultants are available to assist new mothers in breastfeeding issues for the premature and acutely ill baby.
Family Care Coordinator (FCC)
The FCC is available to support you, the parent, with the medical aspects of having a baby in the Newborn ICU. They can help you with referrals for community services and resources and any needed medical support for your baby's discharge.
Pharmacist & Dietitians
Families may see both a pharmacist and a dietitian reviewing your baby's chart. Their role is to review dosages of medications and nutrition your baby is receiving. This system is a check/balance of the drug interactions, therapeutic levels, and a comparison of the growth of your baby's expected and actual growth.
X-Ray Technicians
A x-ray technician moves a large mobile x-ray machine to your baby's bedside. Working with the bedside nurse, the technician positions your baby and takes images when ordered by a physician.
Health Unit Coordinators & Equipment Technicians
In some places this staff person is called a Unit Clerk or Unit Secretary. They are responsible for answering phones, maintaining patient records, and directing traffic. They will help orient you to where you can store belongings, scrubbing in, and answering general questions.
Social Worker
A Social Worker is dedicated in the Newborn ICU to help you with the emotional and social adjustments of having a baby in the NICU. Support is individualized so that the family is fully prepared to take home the baby at discharge.
Chaplains assess a family's needs and offers support and guidance regarding the meaning of the hospitalization and it's affects on the family. Working closely with families who have religious preferences, they work to ensure your spiritual needs are met.
Parent & Community Coordinator (PCC)
The PCC is available to support and assist parents in finding resources related to parenting in the NICU. As a graduate parent (had infants in the NICU), she can assist you in meeting parents of other NICU graduates who have had similar experiences, research health related topics in the library, or problem solve concerns and needs.
Providence Alaska Medical Center and The Children's Hospital at Providence are teaching institutions. We have medical students, physician residents, nursing students, RT students, social work interns, and career observers. Professional staff supervises all students while in the NICU.
Financial Counselors
Providence Hospital offer assistance to help you with arrangements associated with the financial obligations of having a baby in NICU.
Housekeeping staff is a quiet and essential part of our infection control. Working to keep NICU free from contamination, they help nursing staff throughout the day to keep all areas of the NICU clean.