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Tanya Kane, Respiratory Therapist

"I was born in SedroWoolley Washington, and moved to Montana at the age of two.  After attending college my husband and I thought we would like to see what the world had to offer outside of our small town. So we decided let's move to Alaska.
Working with Providence since 2001, I have had many rewarding experiences. Working with pediatrics patients is very fulfilling. It gives me a feeling of not only helping people but a sense that you've made a difference in their lives.  As part of the Pediatric team and working with BJ, I've been given the opportunity to do outreach education in bush Alaska. While doing asthma education and Pediatric education for prehospital caregivers, I have had the experience of seeing parts of Alaska I may have never seen. My visits in the villages have given me an appreciation for the modern conviences we take for granted everyday.  Moving to Alaska was the best decision we could have ever made."