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Activity Therapies

Here at Mountain Haven, we have Activity Therapists who create an environment in the Green House homes that provide opportunities for the elders to enjoy the highest possible quality of life through meaningful activity.
The purpose of the Activity Therapist is to mentor the Shahbazim regarding activities and recreational enrichment. The therapists will review the activities which have taken place, as well as those that are planned and will make suggestions, provide supplies, and participating in the activities as necessary. Our therapists will complete an in-depth assessment of each elder and provide materials or other means of interest to the elders for meaningful activity pursuits and will also implement individualized activity care plans and activity calendars. 
Families are included in the activity planning process and our therapists promote good mental health by encouraging and assisting elders to socialize with each other and maintain contact with family and friends.
The Activity Therapists are also responsible for creating a quarterly newsletter, Mountain Moments, which is distributed to the elders and their families.
For more information
To learn more about activity therapies at Seward Mountain Haven, please call (907) 224-2988. To find general information and specific health topics, visit our online health library.