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Mt. Haven Spiritual Services

Our part time chaplain Duane Chase lives our mission every day by providing Duane Chase, Chaplaincompassionate service to all of our Elders. Duane started working at Mountain Haven in 2009, and previously worked at our former Wesley long term care facility for 11 years. Duane makes regular rounds to visit our Elders and assists them in prayer, Scripture, memorial services and special occasions and birthdays.  
Duane is also there to lend a hand with puzzles and games or a just a helpful ear to listen. “One of my most memorable events was helping an Elder celebrate his wedding anniversary which included renewing his vows and exchanging rings with his spouse.”
Duane carries out the Providence Mission among the staff. “Aside from meeting the needs of some of our most vulnerable citizens, including being their advocate and meeting their spiritual needs, I enjoy working with a great staff. This is not easy work; it takes a special kind of person to perform this kind of service; I’m here for them also.”
Worship services are held each Sunday at 2:00 p.m., which are lead by different community churches on a rotating basis.  Each lodge takes turns hosting, and various clergy members also visit the lodges throughout the week and on special occasions. Singing hymns is especially popular with our Elders here.