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CyberKnife brings new cancer treatment to Alaska

CyberKnifeCyberKnife, a non-invasive radiation cancer treatment system, is now available to treat patients at the Providence Cancer Center in Anchorage. 

The Alaska CyberKnife Center at Providence Cancer Center is the first CyberKnife treatment facility in Alaska, providing the only radiation therapy technology that is capable of tracking and automatically correcting for patient and tumor movement. This enables high doses of radiation to be delivered with extreme precision, anywhere in the head and body.

“We have always been committed to offering more advanced treatment options, in more locations, in order to serve the most Alaskans,” said John Halligan, M.D., medical director of Radiation Oncology at the Providence Cancer Center. “Now with the use of the CyberKnife, we have yet another tool to fight cancer, enabling us to choose the best technology for each of our patients’ unique needs.” 

The CyberKnife System delivers robotic, non-invasive, non-surgical radiation therapy that’s clinically proven to be effective for the treatment of prostate cancer, lung tumors, brain tumors, liver cancer, head and neck cancers, pancreatic tumors, kidney cancers, and other conditions. 

As a result of the CyberKnife system’s sub-millimeter precision, doctors can deliver a much higher dose​ of radiation during each treatment session. This unique capability allows patients to complete treatment typically within five consecutive daily sessions, compared to the weeks or even months required for treatment with other radiation oncology technologies. 

The precision also reduces or eliminates damage to the healthy tissue surrounding tumors, which improves clinical outcomes and minimizes side effects. 

“One of the great things about CyberKnife is how it uses highly precise beams from multiple directions and can focus on tumors using multiple beams,” said Dr. Halligan. “This allows treatment to be done at a higher dose near the tumor and lower doses around the tumor, which decreases the side effects and allows us to complete treatments in a shorter period of time.” 

Additionally, Alaskans who previously had to travel to the Lower 48 for this treatment will now be able to get the treatment here, closer to home, he added. 

Bringing CyberKnife to Alaska is the result of a partnership between Providence, the physicians of Anchorage Associates in Radiation Medicine (AARM), along with their business partner, Select Healthcare Solutions, LLC. 

For more information about CyberKnife, call 907-312-2112 or visit